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Without proper development and guidance, 93% of new Web3 projects fail. In Secretplace we provide extensive industry knowledge and ensure that all project developed under Secretplace find their success.

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Our Process

In 4 Steps From An Idea To A Product

Methodologies and processes are one of the most important things about software development. We have been polishing ours since 2021. Take a look how we handle each project we take on.

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1. Tell Us About Your Idea

In about 3 days You and our solution architect experts will map every feature and requirement needed for your idea. Here we assemble the top-level view of the whole project.

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2. Roadmap Planning

After Discovery stage we will start planning and dividing each element into sub-projects. We will create a detailed plan on how we plan to execute and assign your project a Project Manager.

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3. Code, Execute & Build

After staff assembly, we will start building using agile methodologies, updating You on every step of the milestones. Building phase can last from days to weeks - depending on your project scope.

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4. Delivery & Free Support

After final confirmation we will help you to launch your products and realise its maximum potential by providing 30 day developer support for minor assignments and changes.


Don’t Take Our Word For It.
See What Our Past Clients Say.

“Our one and only partners in development”

We go hand in hand with Secretplace and we have been doing business with them for many years. Always our nr 1 pick for our clients.

Josh S.
Founder - Coinboosts

“Thanks guys! The game is awesome”

We had pleasure working with Secretplace and their team to create our game, dApp, NFTs, staking and much more. Basically a full house soltion. Definitely reccommend.

Henri E.
CEO - Pong Heroes

“Responsive and beautiful work”

We got a website for our newly found business, which is making us sales to this day!

Brandon U.
CEO Of Rendivaip OÜ

“I needed my solution quick - and got it”

Altough my timeframe was only couple of days, Secretplace guys came forward and delivered everything as needed. Thanks!

Anton I.
CEO at Upsell

“Always quality consultancy and work”

Web3 tech in real estate is really awesome. It will change the landscape and I'm glad that we have such amazing partners who guide us through this new tech sector.

Henri L.
CEO - LendEstate

You Could The Next Success!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers

We get a lot of questions every day, here are the most common ones.

How big is the Secretplace team?

Our team consists of 6 full-time full-stack developers, but our arsenal is big and contacts plenty. Depending on a project, we use our verified contacts and partners to add firepower.

Who owns the IP after the project is completed?

IP or intellectual property is 100% owned by the client. We make sure that all legal agreements and contracts made between Secretplace and the client state this fact as well.

I don't know the budget, new in Web3?

On our discovery call we will tell you an approximate estimation. In our quotes we outline every aspect and its cost very clearly so our client knows how much goes where and why.

How fast can you get it done?

Usually we don't rush quality, but if our client really insists, we can do it as fast as possible. Fast-track prioritisation will cost a bit more too.

Can you help with non-popular frameworks?

Our experience is vast and our developers have worked with some legacy projects back in the day. Everything is learnable & we will do our best to work with frameworks required by the client.

Can I pay in milestones?

For every project we take an upfront 100% payment without any compromise. This shows 100% commitment from both parties. This model has worked for us very well over the years.

About Us

Based In Estonia With A Worldwide Reach.

Estonia is a Secretplace in itself, as only 1.3 million people live here, but its one of the most technologically advanced countries in Europe. Estonia has been using blockchain technology since 2008 in a system called X-Road and has the most startups per capita. Although our team is based around the world, we have adopted hard-working and stubborn spirit of Estonians and continue to display it with each of our clients.

Our Standards

Our Core Values We Stick By

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Time is money and we don't have enough time to beat around the bush. If we don't like your idea, we are going to say it.

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Success does not happen overnight. In Secretplace we produce magic, but it requires a lot of willpower.

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The only thing that is constant in this space - is change. And we are finely tuned with change and embrace it all the way.

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We typically reply within 6 hour, even on the weekends.

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