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Frequently Asked Questions

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We get a lot of questions every day, here are the most common ones.

How big is the Secretplace team?

Our team consists of 6 full-time full-stack developers, but our arsenal is big and contacts plenty. Depending on a project, we use our verified contacts and partners to add firepower.

Who owns the IP after the project is completed?

IP or intellectual property is 100% owned by the client. We make sure that all legal agreements and contracts made between Secretplace and the client state this fact as well.

I don't know the budget, new in Web3?

On our discovery call we will tell you an approximate estimation. In our quotes we outline every aspect and its cost very clearly so our client knows how much goes where and why.

How fast can you get it done?

Usually we don't rush quality, but if our client really insists, we can do it as fast as possible. Fast-track prioritisation will cost a bit more too.

Can you help with non-popular frameworks?

Our experience is vast and our developers have worked with some legacy projects back in the day. Everything is learnable & we will do our best to work with frameworks required by the client.

Can I pay in milestones?

For every project we take an upfront 100% payment without any compromise. This shows 100% commitment from both parties. This model has worked for us very well over the years.